Client: Wilderness Motorhomes

  • Creation of weekly blog posts, seasonal EDMS, and press releases as required

  • Staff interviews for team profiles

  • Creation of new copy for relaunched Wilderness website during company rebrand in collaboration with the Wilderness marketing team 

  • Subediting of existing customer communications

Client: SmartRV

  • Creation of blog posts, seasonal EDMS, press releases and new customer communications as required

  • Staff interviews for team profiles

  • Subediting of existing customer communications  

Client: Schneider Electric



I write content for brands that delivers their message in a style tailored to a specific audience. 

Client: Drinksbiz 

Gisborne's Sunshine Brewing turns 30

  • interview and writing of company profile to mark 30th anniversary

Client: Drinksbiz 

Taylors Wines marks its 50th anniversary

  • interviews and writing of feature to cover company history and new product release

Client: Drinksbiz 

Brown Brothers releases its new Prosecco

  • interviews and writing of new product development story


Client: 66 Magazine

Cover story - Interview with designer Karen Walker


Client: Drinksbiz 

Interview with Jo and Dave James of Juno Gin

Client: 66 Magazine

Interview with tailor
Murray Crane

Client: Living Well

Feature on the benefits of spending time alone

Client: Drinksbiz 

Interview with UK bartender Matt Whiley

Auckland writer Juno Magazine

Client: Juno

Feature on the effects of digital overload

Client: Dish

Feature on the new culinary movement ConversatioNZ



Food power

Interview with chef

Robert Oliver 

Making magic

Interview with chef
Heston Blumenthal

Meals on wheels

Interview with LA food truck hero Roy Choi

The new Nordic frontier

Interview with chef
Rene Redzepi of Noma

Food's best defence

Interview with author
Michael Pollan

A bone to pick

Interview with chef
Fergus Henderson

Little Treasures

Out of office

Feature on preparing for maternity leave.

We need to talk

Feature on post-natal depression in NZ

Back to work

Feature on returning to work after maternity leave

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